It’s a contrast study when you’re texting your crush. When you’re left alone with your thoughts, it may be immensely thrilling and give you the feeling that you’re flying on a cloud, but it can also be agonizingly embarrassing, cause anxiety, and cause you to doubt your entire existence.

Even while speaking to our crush face-to-face, we occasionally have anxiety, therefore it’s entirely normal to experience this when communicating online. If anything, there may be more pressure because you are unable to observe their bodily response.

The fear of rejection is embedded in us since as humans, we are designed to build relationships with other people. In essence, you believe that your texts must be flawless, which is a difficult standard to meet. Instead of conveying a lighthearted, flirtatious message, it has the impression of walking on a tightrope.

Hogging the conversation is among the worst things you can do while speaking to someone. Even someone who reciprocates your crush-like sentiments may get impatient if all you text about is yourself.

Asking questions can really get the conversation going. The more you ask the easier it is to know them It also shows serious interest which might appeal to them.

But asking too much and too fast can be overwhelming so make sure you keep it light-hearted at the beginning and also make sure she is interested as she starts asking you questions as well.

The enchantment that is lost when speaking to someone face-to-face may be somewhat replaced by the use of images to liven up the discussion and make it feel more entertaining. It is advised to send amusing animated gifs and memes.

Flirting is really important, so keep it smooth and also direct. But don’t send unsolicited nudes since it is not indicated. That type of conduct is not only improper and against the law, but it also seriously kills the vibe. If you want things to get sensual, you have to recognize that it won’t happen if you push or force it; it will happen naturally and on its own timetable.


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