Psy’s agency gets police raided for investigation. According to reports, the South Korean record company P Nation was searched last week by the labor ministry of the nation as part of an inquiry into the death of a construction worker who was tearing down a Psy “Summer Swag” concert set.

According to a report by The Korea Times, on August 25, the Gangwon Province branch office of South Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labour conducted a raid at the southern Seoul headquarters of P Nation, the label and agency established by ‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy, along with its subcontractors.

The raid was carried out as part of the ministry’s inquiry into the demise of a construction worker who had been engaged to assist with Psy’s “Summer Swag” performance in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, on July 30.

The day after the performance, the unidentified worker, a Mongolian man in his twenties, fell from a height while taking down the stage. He was sent to a neighboring hospital where he subsequently died.

Following the “sudden accident,” P Nation released a statement in which it offered its sympathies to the worker’s family.

The statement added, “With a feeling of responsibility, we will do our utmost to implement procedures to avoid another disaster like this from occurring.” The organization said that it will assist with the burial arrangements for the deceased.

According to The Korea Times, P Nation was the subject of a search and seizure warrant acquired by the labor ministry from the court on suspicion of breaking industrial safety regulations. P Nation has been contacted by other sources for comment. This is not the first time this year that Psy’s “Summer Swag” performances have made the news. So it was about time that Psy’s agency gets police raided.

The concerts, which are notorious for dousing the audience in copious amounts of water, came under fire in July after South Korea’s Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters received complaints from individuals claiming to have “contracted COVID-19 after attending a music concert that “sprays water”.

Officials from the South Korean city of Yeosu claimed earlier this month that Psy’s “Summer Swag” event had “severely harmed” their neighborhood stadium.


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