[adsense300gray]Have you ever dreamed about controlling the rain? Like the dudes from Avatar (The Last Airbender, not the James Cameron one we’re all trying our best to forget.) Well in case you didn’t know, there’s a room specifically designed with this purpose in mind – letting you, the common visitor, feel like you’re in control of the best element of all: water. The rain room offers a weird kind of intimacy between you, technology and nature, allowing for a very interesting and intimate scenario in which you can contemplate and meditate in peace (along with nine other people.)

Keep in mind that for an effective experience, you should avoid wearing dark, shiny, reflective fabrics, fabrics made of raincoat material, or skinny high heels.

There isn’t any current rain room exhibit underway, but the past ones include MoMa in New York and the Curve Gallery in London.