The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has received the sexual assault complaint against Marilyn Manson.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department first started looking into the Manson abuse claims back in February 2021.

It happened after former lover and actor Evan Rachel Wood accused Manson of sexual assault, grooming, and manipulation.

According to the singer, all of his  “intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners” which contradicts the allegations.

The district attorney’s office will now analyze and evaluate the case before deciding whether to file charges based on the available evidence.

“On September 19, 2022, detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department delivered partial case evidence to LADA about the sexual assault charges against Brian Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson,” the office informed other sources in a statement.

There is still more material that has to be submitted, but we don’t know when the LASD will submit it. “Once we receive everything, experienced prosecutors will carefully and deliberatively review everything that has been submitted prior to making a filing decision. This review will take some time but rest assured our office takes these allegations very seriously. LADA is dedicated to providing care and assistance to all victims of sexual assault, abuse, and intimate partner violence.”

In a public statement last year, the actor Evan Rachel Wood accused her ex-partner Charles Manson of abuse. She said that Manson began grooming her when she was a teenager and “horrifically abused me for years.”

The artist has refuted all of Wood’s and other people’s accusations, saying that his accusers were a “coordinated attack against him” in an effort to “monetize and abuse the #MeToo movement.”

Other women came out with their own accusations against the rock musician after Wood made hers public. Esme Bianco, a Game of Thrones actor who accuses Manson of sexual assault, physical abuse, and people trafficking, and Ashley Walters, his former assistant, who accuses Manson of sexual assault, beating, and harassment, were among them. Manson adamantly refutes these allegations.


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