Getting a bad haircut is at the top of the list of things men don’t have time to deal with. Bad haircuts are the worst and also hard to fix but when the time comes you should be prepared.

We can all fake a big smile when we see a hideous reflection in the bathroom mirror after having a severe cut, but don’t do it. Inform your hairstylist that you dislike your new cut.

Don’t be scared to go back and drop a truth bomb if you previously faked it. The best course of action is to inform your stylist you’re dissatisfied and ask them to make it right, even if you’re worried it will offend them because you have paid money to get your hair trimmed.

Ask if you may have a good stylist with more expertise at the same place to touch up your hair if you don’t feel comfortable returning to the same stylist or hairdresser. But don’t think you have to go back there in the first place.

It could be preferable to find a stylist who can work with you to ensure your satisfaction in a different location if your cut appears to require a lot of effort to repair. You’ll wind up paying more money, but the outcome will be better.

If you’re stuck with a haircut you despise, the solution can be as easy as experimenting with different style options. As absurd as it may sound, many guys just discover their favorite new haircut by trying a new one on a lousy one. Even if your cut might now appear terrible, a little product can still work wonders.

To smooth back or style your hair, all you need is a little grooming paste, pomade, or hair gel. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your hairdo makes you look nice so that you can quickly forget about the unflattering haircut you recently received.

The capacity of hair to grow is one of its finest qualities. Much if you don’t like your haircut right now, it will be a bit better in two weeks, and then even better after that, until you find a cut you genuinely enjoy.