Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck, missed the actor’s second marriage to Jennifer Lopez since he was seen hours earlier on the other side of the country.

At his older brother Ben Affleck’s second marriage to Jennifer Lopez, Casey Affleck was absent.

On the day of the Aug. 20 event, which took place in Georgia, the fellow actor was seen leaving a Starbucks in Los Angeles. In a video provided by other sources.

Casey can be seen asking to have the question repeated after being asked why he wasn’t at his brother’s wedding before muttering something that sounds like “I have other stuff” and getting into an SUV.

When questioned further, Casey chose to close the car door rather than back up his claims or provide further details.


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According to a source, Casey was unable to attend the wedding festivities due to “family, parental commitments back home.” Sons Indiana, 18, and Atticus, 14, are shared by the actor and his ex-wife Summer Phoenix.

In another video shared by sources, Casey can be seen avoiding a question about attending Ben and Jennifer’s wedding while out to dinner in Los Angeles two days earlier with girlfriend Caylee Cowan.

Both of the couple’s ex-partners were absent from the event, with the exception of Casey, who co-starred with Ben in movies like Good Will Hunting and made an appearance in his film Gone Baby Gone.

According to sources, Garner was pictured visiting Sam’s Club in South Charleston, West Virginia, not far from her childhood home, hours before the wedding.

On the other hand, on Instagram Casey Affleck gave the newly wedded couple his blessings. So, it is not as if he does not accept their marriage even after a first failed attempt as seen above.


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