Sex doesn’t always lead to a relationship, let alone marriage and kids, in our secular, sexually liberal world. But despite this, there are still many problems with our „hookup culture” and how it makes individuals feel unduly self-conscious. How come?

Numerous studies on how men and women feel after a casual hookup show a pronounced difference in emotional satisfaction, particularly in the moments after the encounter. In one research, more than half of the women who were questioned expressed regret about a one-night encounter they experienced.

What causes these unpleasant emotions? Not so much that the disappointed ladies desired a relationship but merely had sex, but rather that they felt „used” at the conclusion of the night or the next day, was a recurring issue.

Some guys, it is true, solely care about themselves and have no concern for how they make the other person feel, but these statistics are so high that they imply that many nice, kind men are also giving their partners emotional misery, possibly unintentionally.

Does this imply that you shouldn’t or can’t hook up? No. However, you must still show respect. Being dirty is perfectly OK, but try to do it in a classy manner.

Therefore, treat women fairly, honestly, and upfront about what you want if you want to hook up with her. You’re better off not assuming anything than assuming the incorrect thing because not all women want to be in relationships. No matter how challenging or uncomfortable it may be, honesty usually wins out.

When it comes to taking a girl home, trust is a key factor. The female has to trust you for a nice, enjoyable, and mutually satisfying one-night encounter, and occasionally, the girl’s friends may be even more important to impress with your manners.

So instead of approaching a female and yelling out prefabricated pickup lines, you read about online, simply be yourself.