American-British kickboxer, Emory Andrew Tate III, is a newly established internet influencer. After retiring from kickboxing, Tate became well-known for making provocative claims on subjects like sexual assault and harassment, including his belief that rape victims bear some culpability for their attacks.

Many of his views come off as absurd and offensive to multiple minorities.

So, is Andrew Tate a threat to young men and their “alpha male” ideologies? Most certainly. If anything Andrew seems to be an example of what NOT to be if you aspire to be an alpha male. His quotes and claims are blatantly sexist and dangerous to be put out on the internet.

Andrew is known for his very “traditional” views such as women staying home and caring for his needs while the man works and spends money on her. In this position, he now views the female as property. In a previous quote, Andrew Tate came up with an example that he views his sister as her husband’s property.

He also believes in the inferiority of women. Meaning that a man can cheat yet a woman cannot. To back himself up he has also mentioned religion which is not fair since he himself does not include the whole context and just uses religion as an excuse for his wrongs.

There are multiple allegations that Andrew also ran an illegal trafficking operation in Romania. More suspiciously he mentioned that he loves Romania so much because it is corrupted and he can get away with anything from the local police.

He is unethical and feeds the mind of people with unhealthy ways of thinking and coping. In a world where a lot of minorities need our help and where women are mistreated Andrew has no say in what is wrong or right.

If you truly want to become an Alpha Male listening to Andrew’s advice should be the last thing you do.


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