The inaugural fundraiser for the freshly established Self Belief Trust of the late Jamal Edwards features performances by Ed Sheeran and Jessie Ware.

At the age of 31, the founder of the incredibly influential SB.TV died in London. Dave, Ed Sheeran, Chelsea FC, and others paid tribute to Edwards.

The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust was established by his family the following month with the goal of “honoring [Edwards’] memory and continuing his legacy” by “[supporting] those causes that mattered most to Jamal”: Ending homelessness, helping those who are struggling with mental health issues, and giving young people crucial life skills.

Tracey Parry-Knight, the trust’s CEO, said on the occasion: “Jamal made it his personal mission to open doors for others to walk through. To help people through life, to love and to laugh. I’m really looking forward to this event as an opportunity to bring those who loved Jamal, from across the music and media industries, together in one room to raise vital funds for the causes that he was most passionate about. This is his legacy and it’s sure to be an inspiring evening.”

On September 20, Terry Crews will serve as the presenter of the Self Belief Trust’s first fundraising event at the brand-new HERE at Outernet location in the heart of London.

Sheeran, Ware, Max Cyrus, and other notable members of the music business and Edwards’ former colleagues will perform.

The Self Belief Fund will receive all proceeds from the event, and a new initiative to combat homelessness will be launched, including a scholarship program for young people in danger of homelessness and a back-to-work program.

An opening champagne reception will be followed by a three-course lunch, an afterparty, and a DJ performance by Roman Kemp. There are tours of Abbey Road Studios, a romantic dinner for two with Idris Elba, and VIP tickets to London Fashion Week 2023 among the prizes up for grabs.



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