The first pitch was thrown by Pharrell Williams earlier this week (August 22nd) during a New York Yankees baseball game. Pharrell wore outfits from his Billionaire Boys Club collection that he designed with the Yankees, especially for the event.

Pharrell has had a busy summer, releasing a number of duets, such as Calvin Harris’ “Stay With Me” with Halsey and Justin Timberlake and Tyler, the Creator and 21 Savage’s “Cash In Cash Out.”

The Grammy-winning musician relocated his Something in the Water Festival from his hometown of Virginia Beach to the center of Washington, D.C. in June.

“That is a great question, but one I cannot answer. That is only because I was disappointed with how the local municipal government handled the loss of my cousin’s life. It is one thing for the officer to make a mistake, but it is another to follow up the way they did. I did not feel as if there was enough love, respect, and reverence for his life. Him being a fellow Virginian, his life and the loss of his life should have been treated like anybody else’s. When we start seeing situations handled differently, not only with African Americans but with minorities in general handled differently, then coming back is something we can think about doing again. The give back is in the leave behind of the festival. It is not just D.C.; the 757 is benefitting, and we brought the city with us to the festival. Everything happening around this festival up here and back home in the 757 is possible because of the activation of the people. It is the people who are powering this event.” Pharrell informed other sources when questioned about the concert’s potential return to Virginia Beach.

Before the Yankees’ defeat to the Tampa Bay Rays earlier this month, Logic threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Harrison Bader, who plays center field for the Yankees and is still out with plantar fasciitis in his right foot, was not present on the team’s active roster for either of the games. Bader is a native of New York and Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend’s cousin.


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