A business card is typically the most effective tool for anyone working in sales. Many individuals believe they do not work in sales, but everyone sells something all the time. In reality, the employers with the best employees are the ones who sell the most in the organization. Everyone, from the CEO to the concierge who welcomes you as you approach the office, has a vital role in portraying the brand. Your business card is a sales tool. It advertises you and your company while acting as a lead generator and influencer.

If you work in construction and wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, this post is probably not for you. However, when you wear everything from polo shirts to suits to work, you want your business card to appear as beautiful as possible.

As a result, you don’t want to throw your business cards into your already full and overflowing wallet because they will most probably wrinkle. However, imagine pulling a box of cards from your jacket pocket, opening it, and sliding an immaculate card into your hand.

You should love your business card, and having a case that matches that quality is crucial. So we’ve put up a quick guide to several business card holders, to help you select the best one for you.

Types of Cases and Card Holders

There are two sorts of cases that are routinely marketed and advertised as cases or business card holders nowadays. Those sorts are the metal cardholders and the leather ones. Of course, there are also other types, such as Knitwear, aimed at more casual cardholders.

Metal Cases

Metal cases are the most prevalent kind seen in North America. They can range from relatively basic, plain metal boxes to more exquisite and sophisticated gold, rhodium, or other precious metal boxes. Even the most basic cases available at mall kiosks may be engraved frequently with a simple monogram or the owner’s complete name. Many businesses provide their staff cases with the company’s logo or their name on them.

metal business card holder

Leather Cases

Apart from genuine gold, rhodium, or silver casings, they typically appear considerably more exquisite. While the prime leather bags include a metal skeleton, others do not. Some cardholders are so thin that they can fit into the tiny pockets. But there are also typical-sized cardholders that require the support of metal inside. Traditional ones are typically a little better for your cards because leather holders, like your wallet, flex with slight pressure, which might harm your cards inside.

leather business card holder

Clasps and Locking Mechanisms

When it comes to how the case shuts, some remain open to enable dust and debris to touch your cards, while others close securely with a magnet or a latch. It is another thing to consider while selecting a case. If you choose a classic lockbox, make sure the seal is good enough that you don’t have to strain to open or close it. With many organizations transitioning from standard-sized cards to custom cuts, you should also ensure that they will fit your case. Moreover, make sure the business card holder can be closed and stays closed with the cards inside.

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