We have all heard of online dating, and those who have tried it have found it to be a viable option to finding kindred spirits looking for love and companionship. In fact, the online dating scene has grown into a scene which is now diverse enough to accommodate a variety of different online daters. This makes it important for people to find the right site, tailored to their needs. So what kind of online dater are you?

The Committed Dater

Standing on the more serious side of the dating spectrum, the committed dater is searching for a partner to share their life with. Searching for that life-partner involves many different criteria’s. When looking for long term commitment, people will look for factors other than just looks, such as personality, values and reliability. Looking for a life partner is an important decision, and one not taken lightly. The committed dater will try meeting with different people until they get the right person for their life-long needs. If this is you, make sure to take the time to find the right person, after all it is a decision that will last the rest of your life.

[adsense300gray]The Adventurous Dater

Not every person looking for online romance is single, and not all dating sites are about singles looking for a long term life partner. This is where we venture into the realm of the adventurous dater. Our adventurous dater can be a single person looking for casual flings, but they can also be already in a relationship, looking for that discreet and extra bit of fun outside of their couple. Websites such as The Affair Site specialize in people looking for a fling outside of their relationship. Using this sort of online dating service, the adventurous dater will find more like-minded partners who are up for a bit of discreet fun. If you are the adventurous dater, meeting up with strangers who want the same thing is a more honest approach (not manipulating someone into sleeping with you) and will have lesser impact on your social circles (keep your friends as your friends).

The Specialized Dater

Everyone is different, from our age, sexual orientation to our ethnicity and physical pre-disposition. The specialized dater is looking for a very particular type of partner, to fulfil a very specific need. If you are the specialized dater looking for a person of matching age, ethnicity or other, you do not need to scroll through all the listings on general dating sites to find your speciality. The web is there to cater to your specific needs, offering an array of specialized dating sites where you will find who you are really after.

What Type of Dater Are You?

No matter what type of dater you are, there is someone online which is the right person for you. Looking for people using the right online dating service will reduce the likeliness of meeting with the wrong person, saving you both time and possible heart-aches. Recognizing what sort of dater you are will help guide you to the right online dating service. So what will it be for you?