George R. R. Martin was left in the dark. The author of the epic fantasy book, A Song of Ice and Fire from which HBO’s Game of Thrones was adapted, said that he had nothing to do with Game of Throne’s Finale played out.

He admitted in an interview  that by seasons five and six, and most definitely seven and eight, “I was very well out of the loop.”  He mentioned, “I don’t know—you have to ask,” when asked why his engagement in the program dwindled over time.

That may be the reason Martin has stated that the events in his future book The Winds of Winter, the last volume in the Game of Thrones series, would be very different from those shown on the HBO series.

On July 8, he posted on his blog, “What I have noticed more and more of late is my gardening is bringing me further and further away from the television series.” “Yes, some of the items from Game of Thrones on HBO will appear in The Winds of Winter as well. However, most of the remainder will be very different.”

There doesn’t seem to be much animosity between Martin and HBO, though, since Martin is listed as a co-creator on House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones prequel series based in part on Martin’s 2018 novel Fire & Blood, which premieres on August 21.

According to HBO’s chief programming officer Casey Bloys, “George has been a tremendously helpful resource for us in this process.” “This universe was actually created by him. He is its inventor, its historian, and its custodian. I thus find it impossible to consider producing a production that he does not support or believe in.”

Martin may also participate in the planned Kit Harington-starring spin-off of Jon Snow, which was unveiled in June.

George R. R. Martin was pretty disappointed because of the “ghosting” situation of the Game of Throne’s Finale but his following projects will be major.


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