In the music video for his brand-new hit, „Forget Me,” Lewis Capaldi imitates Wham! „Club Tropicana” of. The Scottish singer-2019 songwriter’s debut album, „Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent,” extended edition, was the first time he has released new original music.

Capaldi imitates the 1983 Wham! single in the song’s music video, which award-winning filmmaker Louis Bhose shot at the Pikes Hotel. video of „Club Tropicana,” frame for frame.

„Forget Me” is a song that is very close to my heart, and I believe it to be my finest song yet, according to Capaldi.

It concerns a breakup I had in which, after a year, the only actual communication I had with my ex was by seeing her ‘post-me’ life unfold on Instagram.

“I was at a point where I was feeling pretty miserable and she seemed like she was moving on and having the best time, thriving, and I hated it. It seemed unfair to me that she appeared happy while I was hurting, and I was fearful she might have forgotten about me completely, so I wrote a song about it. You hear a sad song and you expect a sad video. There’s catharsis in that. But to go in the other direction completely felt more in line with the Lewis that walked onstage at Glastonbury in full Noel Gallagher getup. ” Louis Bhose stated.

“The performance is classic Capaldi: ‘yeah, no bother, just singing this song with a cocktail in my hand. I’m fine, not thinking about my ex, here at Club Tropicana.’”

Following the single’s release, Capaldi commented: “I hope you like the song. If not, that’s fine too, but come on to fuck, I’ve heard some of the shites that’s been big over the last few years and it’s got to be a wee bit better than some of that. I’ll leave you with a quote from my mother: ‘It’s not the best song I’ve ever heard, but I do like it.”

In other news, the artist disclosed last week during an Instagram Live video that he has been identified as having Tourette’s syndrome.