Do you always remember to bring your umbrella with you? No? Neither do we. Which is why this concept is probably a very good idea for those who don’t usually check the weather reports before going out. If you like to be spontaneous with your outgoings, you probably won’t mind the weather either way, but just so you know, designer Mikhail Belyaev thought up the very useful Lampbrella. An umbrella for, you guessed it, street lamps.

The concept is designed to open when rain is sensed, something like „my rain senses are tingling”, but a little more scientific. In addition to the rain sensor, the lampbrella is also fitted with a 360 motion detector, which enables it to close if no people are under it for more than three minutes. The public umbrella would move at a low-to-moderate speed, so as not to hurt anyone while opening or closing. Plus, it would be grounded to protect from an eventual lightning strike. Its diameter of 2.2 m would be sufficient to shelter several people.

Even though there are no actual plans (as of yet) for implementing the Lampbrella, Mikhail Belyaev insists on his creation being installed on circulated-streets with no canopies or trees for people to use to hide from the rain.