One of the most damaging behaviors you can develop is giving your partner the “silent treatment,” according to psychologists.

That’s because it could make individuals feel insulted and invisible. Furthermore, by keeping your feelings to yourself, giving someone this treatment makes it much less likely that you will solve the problem at hand.

Therapists assert that in order to change your behavior, you must first recognize the reason behind your silent treatment.

Ask yourself questions such as “What do you hope to accomplish? Are you hesitant to say anything hurtful because you don’t mean to? Or are you attempting to hurt your spouse’s feelings?”

When you have a clearer awareness of your own wants and aspirations, you can begin to replace this harmful habit with other, better choices.

What you need to know about why silent treatment is so bad for relationships and what you may do in its place is provided below. The silent treatment doesn’t improve your relationship, research has repeatedly proven.

In particular, a 2014 study discovered that demand-withdraw couples have weaker intimacy, communication, and relationship satisfaction. Additionally, the harm can be psychological, physiological, and even physical, resulting in everything from anxiety to erectile problems.

Because you’re unable to disclose your sentiments, you wind up living in a constant state of bitterness and are unable to have those feelings acknowledged or understood by your partner.

Recognizing that you’re involved in this negative behavior is the first step in changing it. Then it is advised that you look into attachment styles in order to get the “why” behind this behavior. It is advised to take a quick timeout instead of being silent if you have a tendency to shut down during disputes out of stress, fear, or anxiety.

Taking a break and telling your significant other you need space is way healthier. Am alternative is taking a 10-minute break to cool off then talking to them about what went down. Communication is the real key.


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