Fans leave Wiz Khalifa and Logic concert upon hearing fake gunshot reports spread through the audience at a Wiz Khalifa and Logic concert in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, August 26.

According to a statement from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, security at the Ruoff Music Center venue was alerted of a “disturbance” in the concert’s outdoor seating area at about 10.30 p.m.

Security personnel responded promptly, and all adjacent subjects started to leave the area on foot, the statement continued. All gates, including private exits, were opened as part of the emergency action plan, which was started and carried out thus making fans leave Wiz Khalifa and Logic concert early.

Multiple fast-reaction teams were sent out by the police, who also searched the area. There were none discovered. When word got out to the crowd, people hurriedly started fleeing the area, and Wiz Khalifa’s performance was abruptly cut short.

Following a shooting scare at Lollapalooza, a security man was detained and accused of creating a bogus terrorist threat, which resulted in his detention. On Friday, July 29, just before 3 p.m., on the second day of the Chicago festival, 18-year-old Janya Williams is charged with sending an anonymous text message to her supervisor.

It purportedly said, using the text messaging service TextNow, “Mass shooting at 4pm location Lollapalooza. We have 150 targets.”

Prosecutors claim that after alerting the Chicago Police Department and the FBI Joint Counterterrorism Task Force, detectives quickly learned that Williams owned the Apple iCloud account and the TextNow number used to deliver the threatening message.

Williams allegedly revealed during interrogation that she sent the message and created the fictitious Facebook page “because she wanted to leave work early.”

Georgia’s strict gun regulations reportedly led the Atlanta festival Music Midtown to postpone its 2022 installment. Jack White, Future, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy were scheduled to perform at Music Midtown, an event held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although the festival’s organizers, Live Nation, did not provide an official explanation for the postponement, people with knowledge of the event told Rolling Stone that Georgia’s strict firearms restrictions were to blame.

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, where the event is held, is one of the locations where carrying a firearm is permitted in Georgia.

Police in Washington State released a statement earlier this month in which they stated that they thought they had stopped a mass shooting at a recent EDM festival.


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