Georgina Campbell, a British actress, is achieving a career objective by appearing in a horror movie.

The lead in „Barbarian,” which opens in cinemas on Friday, is played by Campbell. Bill Skarsgard, who has experience in the horror genre thanks to „It,” and Justin Long, a comedian by training, both feature in the movie.


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When the script for „Barbarian” was provided to the actress by her American agency, she already had another project planned.

“I’ve always wanted to do a horror film, but I just hadn’t found a script that made me feel like, oh, this is the one. I started reading [the script for ‘Barbarian’] late at night and I was reading it in a fever, like I couldn’t stop. I just kept going, going, going, and it kept getting better and better and crazier and crazier. And then I finished it and suddenly was like, oh, my God, I really, really wanna do this job.” She stated in mid-August.

The movie received early interest when it was screened in July at Comic-Con. The plot includes some well-known horror clichés—a scary cellar, a creepy stranger, and gore—while also delivering moments of unrestrained humor and social satire.

Cregger said he was curious to investigate why a woman would react fearfully on instinct in a circumstance whereas a male might not. In the first scene of the movie, Tess, played by Campbell, finds a Detroit rental home that is already occupied by a guy since it is double booked.

It’s pouring and late at night when the man (Skarsgard) welcomes her inside and gives her a cup of tea. The actress acknowledges that she looked over the reviews left on the movie’s trailer to see what people thought of it. Little is revealed in the teaser, which closes with her character uttering a firm „no” at the top of a flight of stairs leading into the shadows.