THE HBO drama Euphoria is certain to win big at the 2022 Primetime Emmys, reviving interest in the show’s impending third season, if the Creative Arts Emmys are any indicator. Emmy-winning performer Colman Domingo said to Deadline that Season 3 will see creator Sam Levinson “take some very huge swings” and go even farther into the show’s characters.

Fans are more engaged in the turmoil surrounding the actresses who are responsible for the series’ viral popularity than they are in Levinson’s concentration on creating fresh enchantment for everyone’s favorite sex-obsessed adolescents. What’s going on with the girls from Euphoria?

The most persistent show-related allegations have mostly focused on the alleged friction between actress Barbie Ferreira and showrunner Levinson. While Kat had a significant role in the first season of the program, her role abruptly diminished when the second season debuted, with a background and fairly dull plotline that reduced her to quick one-liners and scene changes in the middle of the main plot.

When Ferreira allegedly left the set after disagreeing with Levinson over her character’s plot, further sequences were reportedly removed from the season, according to celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi. While Ferreira resisted the concept of on-set conflict, she eventually made news by announcing her complete resignation from the third season of the program.

After Ferreira left, Sydney Sweeney’s fall was the next item on the schedule. Following remarks in July about not being able to afford to take a vacation from performing, the actress had already been a hot subject on social media.

Although she became involved in a bigger conversation about privilege, streaming, and residuals as a result of her comments, she was really brought into the fray by an innocent-looking Instagram picture dump.

Sweeney shared many images on Instagram on August 27 in honor of her mother’s 60th birthday. There was “no better way to celebrate my mommy than a surprise hoedown,” according to the caption, which showed many members of the family dressed in various stages of cowboy garb.

One of Sweeney’s family members, however, was sporting an American flag shirt with a blue line, which is most famously associated with the Blue Lives Matter movement. This was spotted by fans who were anxious for pictures of Euphoria’s Season 2 showstopper in a corset dress and cowboy boots.


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It all started with controversy after Sweeney’s brother Trent tweeted his own pictures of the event, one of which showed two attendees sporting what seemed to be MAGA-themed caps.

Within 24 hours, memes and references to the January 6th uprising were being circulated, and a heated debate about whether or not individuals should cut off their Republican relatives had begun.


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