Being able to interpret context signals into what people write to you is more crucial than ever before because so much human connection now occurs via digital methods of communication and is primarily text-based.

So, when you get a message from a special someone, you have many questions. Is she being friendly? Is she naturally a flirt? Does she want me? etc…

Your romantic life is one area of life where it’s really helpful. People frequently hold back from expressing their true thoughts because they are afraid of being rejected since attraction and love impulses can feel overpowering and intimidating.

It’s difficult to define flirting since it’s a style of communication-based on not stating precisely what you want to communicate.

What some people consider to be flirty may be considered as a regular talk by another person or stunning lasciviousness by a third. Even yet, there are still definite traits of flirting that stand out, even though they vary from person to person and interaction to interaction. Flirting is primarily about attraction.

The surest indication that someone is flirting with you is actually if they explicitly tell you that they are doing so.

However, most flirters are unlikely to do this because the whole objective of flirting is to indicate interest and attraction without explicitly stating so. While directly asking someone may result in a direct answer, it may also confuse the other person and destroy what they thought was simply a lighthearted conversation by demanding an explanation.

The easiest way to figure it out is by flirting back and waiting for a reaction. Similarly ask questions in a flirty manner like: ” Are you flirting with me right now?” or state it in such a manner: ” I enjoy the way you flirt with me.”

Always exercise caution, though, as being a little flirtatious with someone who isn’t seeking the same in return is generally harmless. However, if you mistakenly interpret someone’s interactions with you as flirtatious and take that as permission to make things sexual or surprise them with romantic gestures, you may end up making the interactions distinctly unpleasant. Not to add, you’ve crossed the line into sexual harassment if you make the chat blatantly sexual or send a lewd photo without warning.


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