After receiving his first Emmy, Colman Domingo is overjoyed. For his role of Ali on Euphoria, the actor won the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series 2022 Creative Arts Emmy on September 4. Naturally, as he told other sources during the award ceremony, he was prepared to celebrate with „plenty of champagne.”

„Come on, I need champagne with this outfit, right? It feels like I’m on a cloud, to be honest. It feels like pure heaven. It’s lovely, all of the eyes in the room, the people that you respect and you love, it’s really amazing.” Before expressing in earnest how much the award meant to him, Colman laughed.

Colman continued by paying respect to a significant absentee at the Creative Arts Emmys.”My mom is no longer with us, but my mom gave me a great imagination. She helped me imagine that I could be in places like this.” He went on.

The actor went passionately about how the Emmy victory represented Afro-Latino performers backstage while continuing to honor his parents. According to Colman’s comments on his father’s family. „They’re from Belize and Guatemala and all over Central America and I feel very proud. I’m sure they’re screaming in the streets for me, they’re very proud of me for being a part of this and representing not only Afro-Latinos but also representing humble people of West Philadelphia as well. You know, working-class parents and step-fathers and mothers, so I think I represent so many of them so it feels really, really good.”

Colman revealed that he and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson recently had  „some really deep conversations,” which provided viewers of the HBO show an indication of what to expect from the highly anticipated third season.

„Here he’s talking about the arcs of all the characters and what he wants to do to expand that, to actually re-examine at times. It’s an organism and he wants it to keep shifting it in many ways and I think he’s going to take some really big swings actually with season three.” He added.