Over the weekend, Keanu Reeves delighted a couple in Northamptonshire by attending their wedding. Keanu Reeves surprise appearance made their wedding memorable.

According to information from other sources, Nikki Roadnight and James Roadnight wed last week at the South Midlands county’s Fawsley Hall hotel, which also happened to be where Reeves was a guest.

When her husband saw the actor in the bar area, according to Mrs. Roadnight, he “invited Keanu to come over to say hello and have a drink with us if he wanted to”.

She admitted that an actor of Reeves’ caliber was unlikely to attend the couple’s celebration, but added that Reeves was „extremely polite and indicated he would [take Mr. Roadnight up on his offer] later on.”

But an hour later, a staff member came up to Mrs. Roadnight and told her that a „very important visitor” was waiting outside and had asked to meet her.

„It was all really thrilling, so I introduced myself and said hello. I offered him a drink, but he rejected it and said he would not stay long because he had just had a long journey. Despite this, he was very gracious and courteous and congratulated us on our marriage. He was gracious enough to take some photos, and our wedding photographer also got some! Then he spent time talking to some of our visitors and taking additional pictures!” The bride has added.

After adding that she and her husband were „a bit starstruck” by Keanu Reeves surprise appearance, Mrs. Roadnight made a joke about how much she and her husband enjoyed the Matrix and John Wick movies.

„My mom, Jo, snapped pictures and yelled for everyone to yell Speed as she took the picture,” she said. Because that was one of his earlier movies, we joked about it.

Even before Reeves arrived, the wedded bride said that her wedding had been „absolutely wonderful” and that his brief attendance had been „the start of many more experiences [for her and her husband] together.”