Todd Phillips announced on social media a week ago that he and Joaquin Phoenix would be working together again on Joker 2, but now we’re learning more about the movie. The Hollywood Reporter says that Folie à deux will be a musical, and Lady Gaga is in early talks to play Harley Quinn.

The story says that Gaga would play a very different version of Harley than the one played by Margot Robbie in the DC Universe right now. This would be similar to how the first movie was set up, in which Phoenix played the Joker in a separate universe from DC’s other movies. The Hollywood Reporter says that neither Phoenix nor Gaga have signed contracts to make the movie yet.

Phillips and Gaga have worked together in the past as well. Phillips was a producer on the 2018 movie A Star is Born, which starred Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Cooper also produced the movie Joker. Since Joker 2 is going to be a musical, it makes sense that Phillips would choose a star with a bit of an odd personality and more musical talent than almost anyone else to play Harley.

On the other hand, Joker: Folie à deux would fit perfectly with the movies Gaga has chosen in the past. She has now been in two well-known dramas, for which she has won praise.  The original Joker was nominated for 11 awards and won two, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Joaquin Phoenix.

The new casting news leads to the question: what this movie might be about?  Early rumors said that the working title of the movie, Joker: Folie à deux, could be about Batman. However, it now seems more likely that it could be about Joker’s longtime love and crime partner, Harley, instead. Either way, since the most likely actors for Joker 2 haven’t signed their contracts yet, we may have to wait a long time for a trailer or a release date.