British influencer Oli London has apologized to the Asian community and the K-pop group for his infamous plastic surgery attempts to resemble BTS’ Jimin.

On August 31, London, who had previously changed their name to Jimin, sent a long statement on Instagram apologizing for having an „unhealthy obsession” with BTS’ Jimin and even going through plastic surgery to try to resemble the K-pop idol.


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After a “great period of self-reflection and after undergoing therapy and mental health help” to deal with their multiple personality problem, compulsive behavior, and addiction to plastic surgery, the influencer said that they had made the decision to send the letter.

London continued by talking about how they experienced bullying as kids and how that affected their self-esteem.

“At age 23, I moved to Korea and lived there for 1 year and this changed me as a person forever. I funneled all of my attention and love into someone I greatly admired and idolized Park Jimin.” To become „as attractive and talented as Jimin,” they said, they had a total of 32 cosmetic procedures in an effort to resemble the BTS vocalist.

According to a video on the influencer’s Youtube account that is shown below, they identify as „non-binary, Korean, and Jimin.”

In addition to counseling and rehabilitation, London revealed that she and her spouse had just been married. They continued by saying that their acceptance of their husband—who they described as „my very own Jimin (and genuinely looks like him)”—had brought them to this realization.

The influencer later clarified that while they „generally do identify as Korean and transracial,” they do not wish to offend anyone and that the majority of foreigners who have lived in Korea for a long time „also undergo surgery and transformations to look Korean and also secretly identify as Korean.”