Josh Peck is aware that the ups and downs of being a child star are inevitable, and he considers himself fortunate to have avoided the stigma associated with it.

The popularity of his buddy and fellow Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy’s autobiography I’m Glad My Mom Died inspired the actor to open up about his own experiences as a child celebrity.


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“I’m really lucky to have a great mom who sort of instilled this strong foundation for me early on.” He acknowledged.

Peck’s own book, Happy People Are Annoying, which was published earlier this year, details his Nickelodeon days and how he wasn’t always the goody-two-shoes character Josh Nichols from Drake & Josh.

“I sort of detail in the book that I certainly went through my three or four years of totally sowing my wild oats, being a cliché, having some regrettable behavior. It just was before camera phones. I was lucky.” Josh Peck Former Child Star said.

Since his early career days, Peck has settled down and had a family. He and his wife Paige O’Brien have a son named Max who is 3 years old, and they are also expecting a second child. The actor said that while he doesn’t know if his kid would one day follow in his comedic footsteps, he will “help him in every way that I can.”

But Peck asserted that he would approach his son’s acting career quite differently from how he did his own.  “I don’t necessarily think he needs to do it professionally before he’s a grown-up.  I want him to perform in school productions and acting classes for fun first, and then we’ll kind of take it from there.” He said to sources.

With all that being said Josh does indeed praise Jennette McCurdy for her bravery and honesty, admitting he is proud of her for publishing her book.


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