Bad Bunny is destined to be a superhero in the near future. Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio has transformed into one of the most streamed artists alive in the six years since he quit his job bagging groceries.

A professional wrestler, a brand-new type of cliché-busting sex symbol, and next, a Marvel-starring man.

The situation is good for Bad Bunny. The most listened musician on Spotify in 2021 is currently working on his newest album at a waterfront home in North Miami, right across Biscayne Bay from flashier Miami Beach. He recently wrapped up a long-delayed 25-city tour in support of his third solo album.

His creative director, photographer, producer, and jack-of-all-trades are among the friends that work with him in this temporary apartment made of shipping containers that are placed around a terrace that overlooks a pool and a dock. Although the sliding glass doors are open, the heat and humidity are scarcely broken by the air.

The atmosphere is so laid-back that it’s almost impossible to remember that the person who arrives a few minutes later than everyone else, just out of the gym, is a worldwide phenomenon whose genre-defying songs, convention-defying lyrics, and gender-fluid appearances have, over the last six years, changed the appearance of pop music.

A Latino urban trap singer who has outraged some people while inspiring many more by shattering stereotypes of what a rapper, trap musician, and reggaetón vocalist should sound like.

And he’s undoubtedly still climbing higher and higher in his career. He was chosen to play El Muerto, the Spider-Man foe and superpowered wrestler who is the first Latin Marvel character to receive a standalone live-action picture, later in April. This is the latest development in a budding acting career.

From all the singer and performing, Bad Bunny is ready to switch it up and become Bad Bunny superhero for the big screen.


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