After finishing their current North and South American tour, Demi Lovato and her band will call it quits on the road, citing chronic medical issues with an undisclosed disease.

According to other reports, Lovato made the revelation on their Instagram Story on Tuesday, September 13 and wrote in a series of since-deleted posts: “I’m so f—ing sick I can’t get out of bed. I can’t do this anymore. This next tour will be my last. I love and thank you, guys.”

Those posts have now been deleted by Lovato, but they have published more ones that make reference to their sickness. They said that they were „going to power thru it for you guys” before entering the stage at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile.

They posted a backstage photo of themselves with the caption,  “I barely have a voice. I’m gonna be pointing the mic to the audience a lot tonight. Please sing for me.”

On September 22, Lovato will resume their „Holy Fvck” tour in Sacramento after a little hiatus over the following week.

They have 24 more gigs scheduled for this year, with the last one taking place in Irving, Texas, on November 6. You can find tickets for the actual performances as well as a complete list of dates here.

Following the releases of the singles „Skin of My Teeth,” „Substance,” and „29,” Lovato released „Holy Fvck” last month.

Also in August, Lovato claimed that their team „barricaded” them in a hotel room to treat an eating condition. She also talked about how Mac Miller’s death made her feel „survivor’s guilt” after she overdosed.

Additionally, they recently revealed that Hayley Williams, the lead singer for Paramore, is their „dream” partner and talked openly about their decision to utilize both feminine and gender-neutral pronouns.

After the concert, Lovato posted an update, in which she stated:“You guys reeeeally pulled thru tonight. Thank you sooo fucking much – I love you more than you know.”