If you’re a HisPotion fan, you know we’re passionate about what we’re doing. If you’re into smart stuff for men and would like to join our team, now’s your chance to do so!

What we’re looking for:

  • Freelance writers

More info. You should:

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  • Box. Think anywhere but inside of it!
  • Have knowledge about or experience in any of the following:


Fashion / Style / Design / Tech / Gear / Lifestyle

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  • Always be hunting the latest and the best in the above mentioned
  • Love to write


Might be a plus:
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  • Previous professional experience in any of the categories above.
  • Having previously published work.
  • Knowing how to sail a boat. Just kidding, but that would be cool.
  • Being a popular social networker (having lots of fans, followers etc.)

If you’re interested, say hello and include the following:
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  • At least two writing examples
  • Cover letter including a little about yourself
  • Your boring, standard resume

Send them to: [email protected]


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