The Cameron Diaz birthday party was on point. After all, the Charlie’s Angels actress celebrated her 50th birthday on August 30 with a star-studded group of friends and family.

Benji Madden, Cameron’s husband with whom she shares their 2-year-old daughter Raddix, Nicole Richie, and Joel Madden were among the well-known celebrities present at the actress’ sushi dinner party at Nobu Malibu.

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann were also seen leaving the private event. Adele, meanwhile, entered the Japanese eatery in a low-key manner while dressed entirely in black.

While the night drew to a close, Zoe Saldaa was seen stepping into a vehicle at the valet station as her husband, artist Marco Perego, assisted Benji in loading birthday presents into the truck.

Just two months after announcing her eight-year acting break, Cameron celebrated a significant birthday. In the upcoming Netflix film Back in Action, Jamie Foxx and the actor of Bad Teacher will both make appearances.

„When you’re doing something that you know and you’ve done well and you know how it works—and it’s consumed your whole life for so long—it’s kind of a nice thing to kind of go, ‘You know what? Let me just step back for a second, take a look at what the whole picture looks like for me, and what are the things that I could do better and be more engaged with that would make me feel more whole? And I did that.” She told other sources.

Raddix, Diaz and Madden’s 2-year-old daughter, are siblings. She made the announcement earlier this summer that she was leaving retirement to work on a Netflix project with Jamie Foxx. She hadn’t acted in a movie since 2014’s Annie, in which Foxx also appeared.

In a different interview with Gwyneth Paltrow  the Bad Teacher actress discussed aging and said that, especially after becoming a mother, her „whole perspective of aging has just shifted entirely, even in the last 10 years.”