Whatever your coping mechanisms or level of toughness, it’s a universally acknowledged fact that breakups, for want of a better phrase, hurt. Certainly, each person deals with an abrupt breakup in their own special way.

Depending on your personality, the dynamics of the relationship that ended, how the breakup went down, or the type of support system you have, how you recover may vary. Nevertheless, the majority of people will go through a series of typical phases following such a loss.

A breakup can result in a crippling sense of failure and extreme frustration. Even though it doesn’t appear that way on the surface, guys who aren’t prone to expressing their feelings are nevertheless in pain.

Denial is the worst part of the phase. Men frequently begin by believing that this is only a brief break and that their ex will eventually alter their minds. They feel that once they give their spouse some space, they’ll realize how much they miss them and come back since they both simply need some time to calm down.

Then the anger comes along. There might be some very strong sentiments of betrayal, frustration, and rage when you realize your ex is permanently gone. Most of the time, anger is simply a coping mechanism used to try to impose a change in order to ease the underlying pain. Some males also find it far simpler to express their melancholy via wrath.

Bargaining then follows. It’s possible that you’ll feel empty after expelling your hatred. You can get hooked on finding a way to recover what you lost as a result. This can be mailing your ex an extravagant present in an effort to win them back, pleading for another chance in a drunken text, or making a huge gesture like turning up unannounced with a boombox over your head. And if none of that works, a guy can try to convince a girl of their compatibility by laying out all the arguments logically.

After all that you start getting depressed. You are left with a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. But all of this ends at the final stage, which is acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t imply that the spouse who was left doesn’t hold a particular place in their heart. Additionally, it does not guarantee that trying days and nights won’t happen again. It indicates that the individual understands that life will move on and that there are other people, events, and things that may make their time on earth enjoyable and motivating.

Mourning could come back now and again, but the person who has been left will be patient with themselves because they know they can move on and that happiness will still be a part of their life.


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