The way life is today with Derek undoubtedly is different. Life with Luca, a film adaptation of the adored family sitcom that ran on Disney Channel from 2005 to 2009, is being resurrected.

Ashley Leggat, who portrayed Casey McDonald on the sitcom for all four seasons, released four behind-the-scenes photos from the apparently finished filming.

„We’re backkkk!!! Had the time of my life filming Life With Luca,” „August 31: Ashley tweeted. I am eager for you to learn about Derek and Casey’s activities during the past 15 years.

Michael Seater, who plays Derek, may be seen kissing her on the cheek in one of the images.

Unsurprisingly, Life With Derek followers replied with overwhelmingly positive enthusiasm, with one commenter on Ashley’s post writing, „I can’t wait to see what Derek and Casey are up to now! And pleased that Mike and you were able to reenter these characters.”

Derek from Life With Derek Both Joy Tanner, who portrayed Casey’s mother Nora McDonald-Venturi and John Ralston, who portrayed Derek’s father and Casey’s stepmother George Venturi, are returning.

„It’s official! #lifewithluca the #movie. This is my #wednesday #humpday #jumpforjoy day!”  Joy shared a selfie with her cast mates on Instagram to express her joy at the news.

Other sources claim that Life With Luca „picks up fifteen years [after Life With Derek] and follows Derek and Casey as they both negotiate fatherhood and raise radically different teens,” including Casey’s kid who

Start watching some Life With Derek episodes to celebrate as we wait impatiently for word on the release date for Life With Luca.