Next month, the new Netflix show will start.

Netflix has released a new trailer for A Model Family, a South Korean original show that will be coming soon.

The brand-new visual for „A Model Family” came out yesterday, July 27. It starts with a man (played by Jung Woo) finding a crashed car with bloody, dead bodies. He finds a duffel bag full of cash in the backseat and scrambles to get the cash for himself.

But his decision to steal the money led to even worse things: he became the target of a dangerous drug gang, which now threatens to kill him and his family if he doesn’t become a drug mule for the gang. It also has bad effects on his family, who end up as suspects in a police investigation that is still going on to catch the gang.

The first episode of A Model Family will only be available on the streaming service next month, on August 12.

Jung Woo plays Dong-hwa, a once-normal family man who is on the verge of going broke and getting a divorce. Just as Dong-hwa seems to be at the lowest point of his life, he makes a horrible discovery that gets him in trouble with Gwang-cheol (My Name Is Park Hee-soon), the second-in-command of a dangerous drug cartel.

Park Hee-soon (Dr. Brain), Park Ji-yeon (Red Heart), Kim Sung-oh (Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area), and more stars have also been in „A Model Family”.