Superman is all cool and heroic and stuff, but have you ever wondered how’s he coping with the boring part of life? You know, that part where he’s not in full spandex and cape, fighting bald villains or aliens. Does he hate shaving as most of us men do?

Even more important, is he a console or PC kind’a guy? Does he even have time to game? Thankfully, Henry Cavill’s Instagram account shines light over this tremendous issue. If you’re following Cavill on Instagram, you already know he’s a gaming fan, and a PC enthusiast.

This doesn’t mean he’s very good at it tho, or can handle a computer like some of the guys on youtube. Even so, he took on the challenge of assembling his new gaming machine, with nothing but time, manuals and big muscles.

Without further delay, here’s Superman building a gaming computer in a very humanly, goofy way. Enjoy!