Getting open about her divorce from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who split up with the Two and a Half Men actor in 2005 while six months pregnant with their second child, talked openly about their highly publicized split on the Divorced Not Dead podcast episode from Dear Media on August 10.

Denise recalled their divorce as a „tough” one and said „many factors” contributed to the breakdown of their union. Caroline Stanbury, the show’s host, agreed.

After considering whether she would want her daughters, Sami, 18, and Lola, 17, to marry Charlie, Denise ultimately ended their relationship.

The actress claimed that despite their troubled past, she doesn’t regret marrying Charlie since she „really feels that he and I were brought together to have our girls.”

In reality, after Lola was born, the two did get back together „for a very little period,” according to Denise, but the encounter only served to confirm her decision to divorce her husband.

It also gave her confidence that one day she would be able to tell her daughters that she had done everything within her power to create a strong family. „I was most sorry for splintering the family. For years, I struggled with it.”

Denise Richards adopted her daughter Eloise in 2011 following her divorce. She later wed Aaron Phypers, a specialist in holistic health, in 2018.

Despite the fact that her marriage to Charlie didn’t work out, the Wild Things actress claimed that their relationship „developed” to a better place over time.

Charlie still knows he can contact me whenever, no matter what, she added. No matter what he says or does, I’ll be there because I’ve always wanted him to be the greatest father possible for our girls.

The actor also said that his ex „has exposed a range of key aspects, that in my hurry, I disregarded and rejected” when Denise Richards criticized Charlie for disliking his daughter Sami’s OnlyFans account earlier this year.