For millennia, people have examined the bond between a mother and son.  Motherhood has long been a fascinating notion to humans in many different ways.

Particularly, there is a perception in contemporary culture that a man who is close to his mother is suspicious.

Often referred to as „mama’s boys,” these men whether they are young adults starting their own families or fully grown adults with their own families are viewed as weak or at the very least odd.

Along with the dubious idea of a „daddy’s girl,” mama’s boys are mocked for being too concerned with the favor of the parent of the opposite gender.

And while seeking parental approval too frequently is sometimes viewed as a weak feature in males, so-called „mama’s boys” don’t face the same scrutiny as guys who have stronger bonds with their dads.

The stigma actually is that mama’s boys are very spoiled type of men. Men that expect a mother as a girlfriend yet also nothing will be as good as their real mother. This will be a huge turn off for many women since they want a man not a child.

In conclusion, it could be a pejorative with some merit or it might be an insult motivated by resentment, envy, or another emotion. It can be difficult to tell if a man’s connection with his mother is good or not from the outside; being called a „mama’s boy” alone isn’t necessarily a sign that something is amiss.

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with being a mama’s boy if you don’t follow the stereotypes. Do not expect your girlfriend to clean for you or cook for you. Act like you are in an equal relationship instead.

Most importantly, do not forget to never ever compare her to your own mother since it is very disrespectful. You can have love for your mom and still act like a decent man!