Twitter on Thursday rejected Elon Musk’s accusations that he was duped into signing the agreement to purchase the social media business, calling them „implausible and contrary to fact” in a court filing in Delaware.

The allegations were made by Elon Musk in a countersuit that was filed last Friday and was publicly disclosed on Thursday.

According to ElonĀ  Musk, Twitter tricked him into signing a $44 billion merger agreement despite the fact that he is a multi-billionaire founder of several firms who receives advice from Wall Street bankers and attorneys. That tale is as unbelievable and untrue as it seems, Twitter stated in a document it made public on Thursday.

The next shot in what is shaping out to be a bitter court battle between the world’s richest person and the social media behemoth is Twitter’s lawsuit.

On October 17, the two parties will go on trial after Musk tried to renegotiate his agreement to buy Twitter due to what he claims is a misrepresenting of false accounts on the platform.

The San Francisco-based business is attempting to pressure Musk into carrying out the agreement and accuses him of destroying it since it no longer benefited him.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by a Musk official.

Musk charges Twitter with increasing attempts to hide the real number of its users as the market fell, in the counterclaims that were made public on Thursday.

The counterclaims assert that Twitter was swimming nude when it provided the Musk Parties with the information they requested since the long bull market was ending and the tide was turning.

According to Twitter, Musk has not „pleaded a scrap of evidence” in support of his „fact-free” claims.

Musk further asserts that Twitter’s misrepresentations concerning its spam or fake accounts „go considerably deeper than merely reporting wrong figures.”

According to Musk, while Twitter claims to have 238 million „monetizable daily active users,” the number of people who actually view advertisements is about 65 million lower.