Tattoo numbing creams are medications that function as a local anesthetic, reducing pain sensitivity in the areas where they are administered. These creams act by interfering with nerve impulses in the body. People utilize increasingly skin numbing lotions before cosmetic operations such as microdermabrasion, filler injection, waxing, body piercing, and tattoo application. This article describes when and how to use a Tattoo Numbing cream.

How do tattoo numbing creams work?  

Use these anesthetic lotions before applying the tattoo. These drugs relieve pain by containing particular active components.

Nerve Dampers

Nerve dampeners are Tattoo Numbing creams that include some of the most popular numbing lotions. When you check the contents, you’ll see that lidocaine is frequently listed. These medications are new to blocking nerves from getting pain signals. It might cause a brief lack of sensitivity.

However, these lotions numb the skin’s surface. During a tattoo needle is pierced through the skin, it penetrates the upper dermis via five epidermal layers. You will experience discomfort when the needle penetrates layers of skin if you are using a cream that does not penetrate these outer layers of skin.

Nerve relaxants

Nerve blockers are chemicals and several lotions include them. Some of the most prevalent components include benzocaine and tetracaine. Some of these sensations are by your nerves, but they prevent them from reaching your brain. These creams do not necessarily numb the pain, but they can reduce its intensity. Nerve blockers are frequently used with nerve dampeners to alleviate pain.


Vasoconstrictors are effective pain relievers. These opioids, however, are the most potent and hazardous. They constrict blood vessels at the tattoo location to decrease edema and bleeding. These vasoconstrictors can be used with other anesthetics to prevent them from being absorbed too fast in the body.

What else can tattoo numbing creams be used for?

Even though you don’t plan to have a tattoo, a numbing cream can still be extremely useful in other situations:

Can help you get rid of sunburn

In cases of severe sunburn, a tattoo numbing cream that has more than 5% Lidocaine can be your salvation. Without the use of medications, the cream dulls sunburned skin, relieves pain and irritation, and provides general relief.

Reduce hemorrhoid pain and itching

Tattoo numbing creams have shown that they are useful when it comes to the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids. Compared to other creams and medications that should reduce the inflamed area, tattoo numbing creams tend to act instantly and for a longer period. 

Can be a Scabies itching relief

Scabies is a skin condition that is caused by a tiny burrowing mite. Moreover, it manifests through an intense itching sensation. Tattoo numbing creams, unlike other lotions, can provide immediate relief for all the effects created by this condition, including redness, irritation, and inflammation. 

Reduce the pain caused by laser hair removal and waxing

These are some painful procedures. So, a tattoo numbing cream could be the perfect way to minimize the discomfort of the hair removal process.

When to apply a tattoo numbing cream?

The choice to apply an anesthetic cream is purely subjective. Some people consider tattooing to be painful. Others believe that inking should be pleasurable. With that, you must make the appropriate option depending on your pain threshold and the necessities of your body.

Tattoo Lotions

In most cases, the tattoo artist will not use tattoo numbing creams unless the client requires this. Some of them believe the pain and discomfort should be part of the experience, while others think that the cream may affect the design or could make it harder for the artist to do his job. However, if you don’t have a high-level pain tolerance you should not be afraid to ask your tattoo artist to use a lotion to make the experience easier for you. 

Because of reduced pain sensitivity, some people cannot have a tattoo without the use of a numbing lotion. There is no right or wrong solution to using numbing cream. Some physiological and biochemical elements that may influence your decision include chronic pain genetics, sleep deprivation, injuries in the past, medical conditions, stress, anxiety, or depression.

Low pain tolerance is inherent in humans, and it isn’t much you can do to improve your pain tolerance. You can, however, apply a numbing lotion to your skin to ensure that you do not miss out on the thrill of admiring gorgeous body art. If you’re concerned about discomfort during the tattooing procedure, these topical anesthetics can help. Many of these products might help you relax and stay calm when tattooing.

How tattoo numbing creams should be used?

First of all, to remove any form of dirt and dead skin you should exfoliate and wash the area that will be tattooed. In this way, the cream will penetrate more effectively into the skin. After that, you should dry the area completely. 

The second step consists of applying a generous amount of cream and massaging it throughout the area that will be tattooed. Cover that portion of the skin with plastic wrap because the heat will allow the cream to act better. Let the cream and the cling film like that for 90 minutes and after that, you will be ready for your tattoo! 

The Best Tattoo Numbing Creams Brands

We tried to make a list that will help you choose the best numbing lotion brand for your future tattoo:

Uber Numb Lidocaine Cream

Thousands of individuals with low pain tolerance across the world are saving their lives by using this long-lasting numbing lotion before getting their first tattoo. Propylene glycol is used in Uber Numb to improve skin penetration. Moreover, it ensures that the active component, lidocaine, is properly absorbed by the deeper nerves in the dermis. Another component is Vitamin E, which helps the skin’s natural process of recovering.

Uber Numb Cream

Dr. Numb

Even though Dr. Numb has not been developed for tattoos, it has been popularly used because of its efficiency. It uses the same ingredients as Uber Numb cream, but it is water-based. That means after you utilize it on the skin, it doesn’t let a greasy rest, making it easier for the tattoo artist to design the model.

Dr. Numb

Deeveeant Lidocaine Numbing Cream

This product contains a 4% lidocaine and what sets it apart from other numbing lotions are the tea tree and jojoba oil, which are well known for their ability to combat inflammation and hydrate the skin. Moreover, being a non-oily product, it will not interfere with the tattoo process. 

Deeveeant Lidocaine Numbing Cream

Pain Relief Options

Don’t be concerned if this is your first time getting a tattoo. While some people believe you must be in agony result of ink, this is not the case. Getting a tattoo should not feel like a punishment. With these tattoo numbing creams, you may still enjoy body art without discomfort.

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