Men are animals, to say the least. If a man is in the garage working on his vehicle, you can be sure that the entire room is going to smell like sweat, grease, and dude. However, sometimes even guys get sick and tired of smelling like guys.

So, somebody finally made the decision to tackle the problem of dudes smelling like dudes. Instead, a company, going by the name of Northern Lights, created a smell that guys, and girls, can enjoy thoroughly. Whoever created this product must be a genius, because so few things are as uniquely smelling as this.

Instead of being a mundane smell like Vanilla, Northern Lights created the Whiskey and Tobacco candle. A candle meant to inspire ideas of Western Saloons and the Old American ideas. Plus on top of the amazing scent, the candle is created in such a way that it gives you time to enjoy it.

First off, it boasts a remarkable 35 hour burn time, and it comes with a cover for added protection. The burn time allows for several session of the scent. Meanwhile, the cork protects the candle, so you don’t need to worry about harming the candle. Northern Lights is easily working on bringing Manliness back.