Jay Leno’s admiration for self-made millionaire Elon Musk is serious.

In an exclusive interview with other sources, the comedian teased what it was truly like to watch the Tesla CEO hard at work. He interviewed the business mogul at the SpaceX Starbase in Texas for the Sept. 21 edition of Jay Leno’s Garage.

„In two and a half years, he built essentially his own Cape Canaveral down there. I think it’s fair to say he’s a genius. Being in Hollywood, I meet geniuses every day, so I’m somewhat suspect. But, if you’re talking to Elon, [and say] ‘Elon, would you check this trajectory?’ He’ll do an equation while he’s talking, and I just found that fascinating.” Jay Stated.

However, Jay asserts that more than simply Elon’s vision is propelling SpaceX to new heights. „When I went down to SpaceX, he was living in a little Airstream trailer on the property. He’s involved in every facet of that thing.”

What is Elon going to do after that? The millionaire, according to Jay, is talking about „colonizing other planets” and has the resources to do it.

„We go to the facility, and he’s got 100s of jet engines ready to go to put into rockets. And they’re not ordinary jet engines, they’re the biggest, most powerful jet engines that you can get.” Jay mentioned.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jay has interacted directly with Elon and his future goals. „Back in 2007, Elon came over to my garage with the prototype to his Tesla electric car, the two-seater sports car. He said to me, ‘I want to build charging stations all up and down the coast of California.’ And I’m sitting there going, ‘Yeah, OK, that’ll happen.'”

But Jay claimed that he was gleefully disproven. „He’s the only electric car manufacturer to build the infrastructure while he’s building the car. „