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Yeti Brick Bottle Opener

Yeti is known to be in the business of making sure that you can easily consume your drinks. Because Yeti likes to take things above and beyond, it's no surprise...

Flexo – The Bendable Lego Bricks

There's nothing like the pain of stepping barefoot over a small lego piece you forgot to pick up from the floor. Everybody went through this if you had at least...
EDC-Trumpet Player

5 EDC Packs From Around The World

The term EDC stands for Every Day Carry. While a rather new concept, we have noticed many project featuring EDCs. From fashion shops offering shoe-to-tie combin...

Oxo Strive Advanced Bottle

Get On The Level How would you rate your gym kit? I mean, we all know it's essential not only going there, but making sure you want to arrive each and every ...


The Smallest Hatchet You'll Probably Ever See What's cooler then a hatchet? If you said a hatchet that you can totally fit in your pocket, then you'd be righ...

Griffin Pocket Tool

Griffin Pocket Tool - The Maestro A true virtuoso of pocket tools, Griffin, released by Coyote Mountain Outdoors is designed and thought to leave all the com...