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Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool You Can Carry Everywhere

Tighten the screws, loose the bolts or repair something quickly. It can happen anywhere, anytime and you simply cannot carry the box of tools with you everywhere. How about carrying a pan? Not just any pan, but a Tool Pen with 6 interchangeable bits which come in slotted, metric hexagon, imperial hexagon, Philips, square, star shape, etc. You have 22 bits options but the pen can only hold 6 at once. All bits are made of high-quality, milled SAE 8660 and you can … continue reading

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Outdoor Gear Gift Guide

outdoor gear1 600x218 Outdoor Gear Gift Guide

If you think outdoorsy guys are way behind with technology, you are totally wrong! Nowadays, technology embraces the wilderness in order to make escapes from the hectic city life easier and enjoyable! And let’s be honest: there’s nothing like the great outdoors… and if you can pair it with some high-tech tools it’s even better!

Rolo Keeps Your Clothes Organized When Travelling

Leaving on a trip is really exciting, with one exception though. Having to pack and unpack every time, not finding what you need in your pack without taking out all the clothes first, always creating a mess and have all your items cluttered. Not anymore! Ben and Cheryl, from Berkeley, CA came up with an awesome idea and created Rolo, the perfect solution to make everything fit in a small tiny bag. Now you can organize your clothes by type and it can … continue reading

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Moleskine Adobe Smart Notebook

With a constant evolution in the technological area, the pressure builds up and competitors must always find something ground-breaking in way to gain their place on the market. Probably this was the cornerstone of the Adobe and Moleskine’s parnership, during which they decided to combine the traditional with digital. So, imagine you’re an artist in the cubism art-movement and you need to draw a sketch. Well, here is where Adobe and Moleskine come. They created a notebook and an app that can make … continue reading

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Carry On Cocktail Kit

Noisy seat neighbors, regular already-bottled drinks and the unwelcomed conversations initiated by strangers sharing your armrest are a lot to handle during a 10 hours long flight. Mixing the W&P Design’s expertise in food& beverage product design with Punch’s passion for all drink related things, the Carry on Cocktail Kit, one check point security-friendly travel gear is here to soften your flight nuisance. And it will surely give you reasons to boost your long flights tolerance. The Carry On Cocktail Kit, an obvious … continue reading

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Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet

Since it is not quite comfortable to hold a thick leather wallet in your front or back pocket all the time, a new card-holder design made by engineering student Erik Moon of San Francisco, CA, might be the optimum combination of design and usability. As men, we don’t have the luxury of carrying around a purse, like our female companions. Still, given the smart design of the DM1 wallet, there’s no need for such an accessory as a handbag. The true minimalist design … continue reading

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Fontus Condenses Air Into Drinking Water

There was a time for lavishness for our fairly reckless elders. And since times are changing, in terms of natural resources, it is the time for us to become more environmental aware. Water scarcity may be a less highlighted environmental issue these days as long as most of us have their 2 liter of water per day already bottled, but according to UN statistics, in 2030, 47% of the world´s population will be living in areas of high water stress. Water harvesting, though … continue reading

Bluesmart. A Truly Smart Luggage

Mishandled suitcases during your flight, the I-definitely-forgot-to-lock-it feeling when you travel, leaving home one of your favorite travel items because you can’t predict whether you over packed and your suitcase is way too heavy? Need I remind you the forever ‘low battery’ advertisement on your display? These usual travelling shortcomings are about change! Since it hasn’t been made any ‘tactile’ improvement in the luggage industry for decades … continue reading

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