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Stampd x Futura Surfboards

The Stampd x Futura Collab Is A Strolling Success Stampd, the clothing brand, joined arms with street artist Futura and the result is a series of four surfboards. The models are good looking enough to catch the attention of everyone present. We liked them at first sight, many others did too, and we firmly believe you will like them too. … continue reading

$20.000-$25.000 Buy

RZR System Brings Back Shaving For Real Men

For Men Only What if I tell you shaving can become easier than ever? RZR is a company developing the best solutions for shaving products. For men only. Their blade system was tinkered thoroughly enough to make it look like something new, unique, not only to the eye, but to the face. The blades are specially placed to bring a … continue reading

$100 Buy

Montblanc Heritage “Rouge et Noir” Pens

In 1906 Montblanc created the ‘Rouge et Noir’ fountain pen and at that time it was considered to be an amazing technical improvement, because you no longer needed to dip the pen in the ink to write. Now Montblanc is celebrating the 110th anniversary of this event and they have made a new collection for the occasion. It is a … continue reading

$410 Buy

3 Small Things That Can Make You Happy

We all live busy lives and sometimes it seems hard to take care of ourselves and our inner world. It can even seem selfish when you think of your work and family and running errands and a million other things that need to be done. But that way of thinking is not very healthy for you. If you take a … continue reading

Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle

You can’t add gold to every accessory and suddenly consider it valuable and good-looking. Aesthetically speaking, there is little that gold looks good on, and which hasn’t already been tried. However, once in a while, someone hits the jackpot and delivers a collectible piece, such as Gerber’s Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle knife. Small but imposing With a blade of just … continue reading

$30 Buy

Ontario Ranger Kerambit EOD Battle Knife

If you are an outdoors type of person, or you are simply planning your spring camping trip you need a good knife with you. It’s one of those things you will sorely regret not taking with you. And the best thing you can do is take a reliable one. You will need it for both preparing food and making good … continue reading

$129.95 Buy

ManCan 128 Persona Keg System

Craft beer has been a trend for a couple of years now, and it is getting bigger by the day. Everyone wants some quality ale. The whole philosophy around beer is being reinvented and refreshed. Considering how bland and lifeless the mainstream beer scene is looking it is no wonder that men want change and diversity. This is why having your … continue reading

$195 Buy

Titanium Pocket Tool

Don’t Mistake it Titanium Pocket Tool is the latest cool project we got the chance of seeing developing on Kickstarter. The two guys from Big Idea Design came up with the idea of having a great utility kit always in your pocket. With that, we mean that all the little things you never find when you need them will be … continue reading

$40 Buy

BangTi Military Survival Shovel

A Friend Indeed If you’re man, you must know by now that you have to surround yourself with the right friends and the best company. But friends come in many forms these days, because anything on which you can count in times of need can be called a friend. This is exactly the case with the BangTi Military Survival Shovel. … continue reading

$90 Buy

Teplo Smart Bottle For Tea Enthousiasts

With tea being one of the most popular beverages in the world it is a wonder that this product is being realized now and not much earlier. Just thinking of how many cups of tea are drank every day, in millions of households, makes me wonder if people know how to prepare tea properly or do they just dunk a … continue reading

$34 Buy
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