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Hardcore Hardware Rhino Axe Utility Tool

For those of you interested in all kinds of tools and especially hardcore hardware, check out the MFE01 Rhino. This baby is the result of a collaboration between Hardcore Hardware and the Australian Army SOER and serves multiple purposes, such as hammering, chopping, digging, splitting, smashing stuff and even more. The Rhino consists in a nail puller, pry bar, has an axe head, a pry bar claw and is made from D2 tool steel, being coated with Teflon for durability. For being perfectly manageable, the … continue reading

$275 Buy

Your Face On Custom Stamp

Here comes the perfect gadget that can be used to create the perfect gift : the custom single portrait stamp, or stamp yo face, if you’re the illiterate kind. If you’re the narcissistic type of person, you can surprise your loved ones with the coolest gift of all : you can print your face (or yo face, whatever) on a custom rubber stamp and instead of signing your letters/emails with your usual hand written signature, well…you get the general idea. To achieve that,  all you … continue reading

$65 Buy

The Gerber Myth Kit

The prepper movement is getting traction even in the mainstream “culture” and here the Gerber Myth Kit comes into play. For just $500, you’ll get the full package, lock stock and barrel, with lifetime warranty. The kit contains various tools and knives, suited for your daily needs, when it comes to a survival situation , of course. Especially for hunters, Gerber offers a multitude of knives, with various tip points, crafted for capping and dressing the game in all shapes and sizes. The set also … continue reading

$500 Buy

The Cork Globe

If you’re the globetrotter kind of person, or you have friends passionate about travelling, here comes the perfect gift for him/her : the Cork Globe from Suck UK (there’s no joke, that’s the real name of the website, figure that out!). With the Cork Globe, you’ll enjoy your “global” escapades even more, because you’ll have the possibility to pin-point your travels. And I mean that literally.  You can actually be able to stuck pins into the globe, in order to plan your future travels. Because … continue reading

$133 Buy

The Lay-n-Go Traveler

Maybe you were fooled by the name, but no, Lay/N/GO Traveler it’s not what you were thinking about and yes, you have a dirty mind. What you’re actually reading about has nothing to do with dubious morality, it’s all about a weird gizmo, a multipurpose bag like creature. What it actually does is to provide you with storage space for your small items when travelling, i.e. your toothbrush, sunglasses, cosmetics, guns and ammo, you got the picture. What makes it different from the variety of … continue reading

$35 Buy

A Mini Version Of You. 3D Printed Selfies

For the narcissists, is the best thing ever invented, since the secondary camera on smartphones. Artec Group took the “selfie” one step further, with this state of the art technology, that uses your Kinect to produce a perfect replica of yourself, a 3D selfie, sort of speak; YOU, the action-figure, made of plastic, courtesy of Shapify. Sounds pretty cool, huh? How does this work? Easy as pie. All you have to do is to download the app and connect Kinect sensor. After that, you can … continue reading

$59 Buy

Rumpl. The Outdoor Blanket That’s Great For The Indoor

If you need a warm and cozy blanket for those unpleasantly cold days, look no further, because I just found the best blanket in the world. Say hello to Rumpl, the ultimate blanket, the alpha and omega, this is what Amundsen used when he explored the North Pole (or was it South pole?). Whatever, this blanket was designed by a team of specialist who loved outdoors and comfort, in the same time. They took the inspiration for the Rumpl after they were amazed about how … continue reading

$68 Buy

7 Gifts For The Rugged Outdoorsman

gifts for rugged men 7 Gifts For The Rugged Outdoorsman

With only around a week until Christmas, we’re all stumbling around trying to figure out the best gifts for our friends and family. Since we all have the bearded, flannel-shirt-wearing, wood-chopping, overall rugged beast in our lives, here’s a nice little list of gift ideas for the outdoorsman.

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