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Calico Jack Rum

This post is sponsored by Calico Jack Rum® I never thought of myself as an ordinary lad. Being out of the typical order has been kind of my way, and I can give you reasons to believe it. I never liked to stay in the line, “in my place,” I mean, what is that place anyway? The thing is I never brag about it, I always let others say it. It’s not easy, a rebellious personality doesn’t mean vulgar, indecent or lacking good taste, it means that … continue reading


Two brothers coming out from Big Sur, the sparsely populated area of the Central Coast of California represent what I like to call design by intuition. Together they formed SVEGLIO (translated as “I awaken” from Italian – a name chose in accordance with their initative to donate 10% of all their income to community-based events and classes that awaken the creative!) a brand aiming to bring balance in our lives, always on the move. The product in discussion today is Volo, a bed without legs, a chair … continue reading

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Groundbreaking: Lexus Hoverboard Is Real And Working

There probably hasn’t been any other device in the whole history of science fiction movies that made the geeks go nuts than the hoverboard. You do remember “Back to future II”, right? Everything about the hoverboard remained just a very basic concept, that is until Lexus decided to release a teaser that was going to rock everybody’s world. While in about 20 years we went from basic, brick size (and weight) phones to iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, only few improvements were made to skateboards, mostly by adding a small electric engine.

Matador Droplet Bag Keeps Water Away Anytime

A dry bag is very useful in bad weather conditions or when you’re going surfing or swimming and not willing to keep your valuables on the side where they might become prey for willing minds. When you’re getting out of the gym or from the pool, a nice bag that can keep water from dripping out is great to hold your equipment. But why use two bags when Matador Droplet aims to work both ways and still fit in a tiny recipient you can almost add  it … continue reading

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Cages: Restraint or Protection

This post brought to you by The Chevy Silverado. The content and opinions expressed below are that of HisPotion – Smart Stuff for Men. The other day I was asking myself if I could define my childhood using just one word, be it simple or complex, having this curiosity wandering in my mind as I was asked by my son about my life back then. The answer to that is no. I admit, there are plenty words to decide from; I was a happy kid, living life in my parents’ … continue reading

Penny Skateboards Fresh Prints

Skateboarding is a mirror that reflects the rider’s style and personality, it is a source of self-awareness. Through skateboarding, we interact with the urban playground, redefining its rigid borders. For example a fence symbolizes a border, it limits your access to an area, but on a skateboard, you can turn that fence into a less rigid element, using it for a trick. Also, this sport gathers people and inspires them as most of the industry brands are skater-owned or skater-involved – graphics, photos or the team managers … continue reading

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Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Tactical Knife With Carbon Steel Blade

There are a few options when it comes down to giving a proper answer when asked which accessory is the manliest of all. I know, the perfect suit, the matching car, the detail of your business card can do the job at times, the way you wear them around, joggling between one another can make you look in touch with your masculinity. But what happened to the pride of being a man, the urge of … continue reading

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A Poket-Sized Water Bottle To Rule Them All

Humans can survive no less than three weeks without any food intake, but water ? Water is different. You can live up to no more than three days not tasting it, so I find that pretty essential not as much for a lifestyle, as for a life at all. So how can we adapt this need to our other fundamentals, such as always being on the run ? Let’s face it, we all hate it when we have to carry plastic made water bottles all around, using … continue reading

$20 Buy
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