Time for things to get raw

Manliness is a word often used these days. Everything is sorted out as being manly or not. But with this trend, we tend to forget what manly really means. Manly is not about growing a lumberjack beard or wearing lumberjack clothes. Manly is about being a lumberjack if the situation calls for it. To help you in this demeanor, we introduce to you the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk. This is not a toy, nor a lady magnet. Pay attention here:

Gerber is a manufacturer specialized in creating gear for the real tough guys. All kinds of tools, military equipment, knives, survival kits, anything you want to hold when faced with a zombie apocalypse. Trust us, the Downrange Tomahawk is one of them. Its purpose is specifically mentioned in the name, like real men should do: simple and concise. Downrange all the way, this is the definition. Very useful in various tactical conditions, such as cutting your way around when in a heavy green environment, allowing you to waste no time.

Built for multitasking

These guys got their inspiration in designing the tomahawk from the most advanced pieces of craftsmanship available around the world right now, thus giving it multipurpose utility, because of the three-tiered approach to tactical breaching. You got the beveled edge, capable of chopping and turning doors to splinters. There is a hammer, at the backside of the ax’s head, used for breaking the hard materials encountered. At the end of the handle, there is the “third threat” as called by guys at Gerber, a bar you can point at your obstacles by controlling it from a cutaway grip in the ax’s head. Take a look at the pictures, have your thoughts in order and purchase a unit, you shall make it useful rather very sooner than any other time known to man.


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