Being a nature buff or a really devoted camper doesn’t always mean that you have to trade comfort for small and damp places to sleep in, or that your belongings have to be hung in a tree because they don’t fit inside your already tiny tent. For the more claustrophobic among you, today we’re featuring a cool Turkish looking tent, which can not only be used as a retreat where you wait for your army to come back from war, but also for a lot of other fun purposes.

The luxurious tents go by the name of Lotus Belle and they come in only two sizes (13 ft or 16 ft) and two colors (cream and red), but they can be distinguished by other features such as meshes vs. PVC on the entrance and windows or the presence of burner holes. The height of the tents go from 9.8 ft on the 13 ft one to a 10.5 ft center pole on the 16 ft tent, so you don’t have to worry about hunching and keeping your head down.


The Lotus can be pitched by just one person, but it will take you about 45 minutes, so it’s better if you have someone helping you and distribute the weight. You would need some assistance even when carrying it to the site where you want to pitch it, as the weights go from 123 lbs to 141 lbs, depending on the size. The tents hold up great in winds as fast as 62 mph and it perform as well in the rain, as the canvas has been treated to resist mold, mildew, rotting and fire. They can be left outside for around 6 months per year to make sure that they remains in good condition, but customers have reported leaving them pitched for even longer, without any damage.

It’s almost impossible that a Lotus Belle won’t get you excited thinking about the decorative possibilities and about how it can be a quite retreat in the middle of nature for you and your friends or family. It can be anything from a camping tent, a romantic suite, to a relaxation and massage „room” or a work area. We would suggest laying down a Kilim carpet, some Turkish pillows, getting some ice cold beverages and spending a great afternoon with someone who makes you laugh.