[adsense300gray]If you’re the globetrotter kind of person, or you have friends passionate about travelling, here comes the perfect gift for him/her : the Cork Globe from Suck UK (there’s no joke, that’s the real name of the website, figure that out!).

With the Cork Globe, you’ll enjoy your „global” escapades even more, because you’ll have the possibility to pin-point your travels. And I mean that literally.  You can actually be able to stuck pins into the globe, in order to plan your future travels. Because that’s the whole gimmick of the Cork Globe, it allows you to visualize the places you’ve been or the places you’re planning to see. Measuring 10”, the globe comes drawn with a plain and simple world map and it’s mounted on a stainless steel support. Naturally, it also arrives with a serious supply of pins, so you can dream as much as you want. The design is signed by Chiaki Kawakami and judging by the „Kawasaki” sound, this dude must be Japanese or something. It only costs $138, so what are you waiting for?


cork 2

cork 3