Only three anchoring points and a ton of fun. With such a set-up any trip aiming to discover the beauty of nature can turn the right way. The trillium hammock is made perfect to suit any landscape giving the above mentioned three pivotal points, and we talk about anything your imagination can provide.

You can add them up underneath the tent, and create the experience of different layers of outdoor living habitat. Trillium Hammock helps you so, that you can make more room for sleeping, in case of extra company, or if you find yourself in need of extra storing space, used for spare shoes and clothes, harness used in different activities that you can enjoy while camping, (like fishing rods or lanterns) pets and many others, all while knowing you are keeping them safe.


It is very useful alone by itself, since it is unarguably the most hardcore triple hammock out there. The 20+ meters of seatbelt, the heavy duty ratchets and webbing all coming with the trillium hammock make available an unprecedented level of safety and security. It is perfectly stable and comfortable, so the excitement is easily foreseeable. If you are yourself a fan of slack lining, and you found the exact people to share this extremely-cool hobby, this triangle we talk about right here can be the perfect thing you need. A true new headquarter of your new experiments.

The installation of the whole device is made easy by the instructions given in the manual, and is based on the spider’s web technology. Please note that all of the instructions must be read, if the risk of serious injury is to be eliminated. Also, the maximum load of 400kg (800lbs) shouldn’t be, in any case, overloaded. It covers a total area of 7.5 square meters (80 sqf), every edge of the triangle measures 4.4m (15ft)and weights 6.5kg (13lbs) (of which 2.5 kg can be dropped, by dropping two ratchets from your rigging system). Personally, I would have wanted it a little bit smaller, maybe. The ratchets and straps are made from heave duty stainless steel, 6m of length each. You can opt for the fabric or mesh material, first one being green, while second one being black.