Your personality extends beyond what you say or don’t say – it’s reflected in the clothes you wear and in the things you own. Every little detail will be added along to your image and since today we want to help you show off that adventurous side a bit more, have a look at this bad ass pocket knife.

The Chapter, a product of the brand James, is a stainless steel blade that comes in a titanium frame-lock, but despite its classic construction, the knife justifies the $275 it’s sold for through quality materials and exquisite look. The dark colors accentuated by just a neon green detail and the smooth finish are a reflection of the classic taste with a twist. James’ Chapter comes in a range of five models which vary from combinations of gray and black, to bone and black, or just monochromatic pieces. The blade maintains its size throughout the entire range, at 2.33″, and you can choose between either a serrated combo or a straight one. Since the blade doesn’t rust, your grandchildren will probably end up using The Chapter, so it’s well worth the fuss and the money.


We really like the black-oxide coated version – we feel like it makes you think of a black op sort of thing, making your way through the jungle in a rush, going on some dangerous adventure. Amazing how a simple pocket knife can stir up one’s imagination.