[adsense300gray]If I may paraphrase something from one of my favorite movies, if you like women and money, just like I do, we should hang out, don’t you think? Well, we should hang out, grab a cup of coffee and take a closer look at one of the world’s most famous magazines, that kind of magazine that made my childhood beautiful and revealed the mystery of the tribe called girl. Obviously, I am referring to Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit edition. This is not your ordinary copy of the magazine, but the „50 years of beautiful” edition, can you imagine that? It’s the best of from the best magazine EVER. And I am not kidding you. It’s like the best of pizza, you know. When you order a pizza,even if it’s not the best there is,┬áit’s still pretty good. Can you imagine the best of pizza, in one huge box? Well, that’s what the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful Hardcover means to me.

This „best of” edition comes with pictures of cover girls like Christie Brinkley and Heidi Klum or Kate Upton, not to mention supermodels like Elle, Tyra and Brooklyn.

PS : it’s still available on Amazon for just $31, go for it!

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