There are a few options when it comes down to giving a proper answer when asked which accessory is the manliest of all. I know, the perfect suit, the matching car, the detail of your business card can do the job at times, the way you wear them around, joggling between one another can make you look in touch with your masculinity. But what happened to the pride of being a man, the urge of getting what you are craving for without asking ? For that you need more. You need not only an accessory, but a firm grip on the road of cutting your way through life.


We all know how it goes down: women have their shoes or lipstick, so men have their own toys too. But boys will be boys, so when we talk toys, we talk serious: the Morakniv bushcraft carbon black tactical knife is the subject of my statement. You don’t need permission to be a man, what you need is 10.9 cm of thick carbon steel blade with anti-corrosive black coating, having an only 3.2mm broadness of pure beauty. The fixed blade, ergonomic handle with high-friction rubber grip, using a black plastic sheath with belt clip, make it look complete. Trust me, this is how you want to do it. You can give it use as your imagination suggests.

Just be real about it, don’t joke around, having such a great knife shouldn’t make you who you’re not. You also get a one-year warranty, but I’m sure you are conviced by now, these details only make your decision look smarter.