If you’re into hammocks, how about a mega hammock? You know that saying : bigger is better!  It works for cars and bank accounts plus other things I can’t mention here.

Why not apply it to hammocks? Enter the mega hammock from HummingBird Hammocks, a dream come true for all the lazy bastards out there. (or XXL sized ones). Theoretically, this huge hammock is large enough to accommodate three persons (or two Americans). Available in 4 colors and made of rip-stop stuff (nylon if memory serves), each hammock is hand made by its actual designer, so you can say that the mega hammock is an art work of some sort; unique, that is.

Due to its uniqueness and manual labor, the hammock is available only on pre-order and it will cost you some green. Also, you’ll have to wait for up to 6 weeks for it, but I think you’ll not regret it a bit.


Mega Hammock

Mega Hammock 2

Mega Hammock


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