Science is amazing. It’s hard not to get passionate about these sorts of things, when you see how a tiny piece of material can make such a big difference in the world, today. With approximately 216 million people dying of malaria every year, and some other millions getting infected with mosquito-borne diseases like encephalitis, dengue fever, rift valley fever, or yellow fever, protection against this small creature is crucial.

Stepping aside from the current methods and substances used for repelling mosquitoes, the creators of the Kite Patch have resorted to using non-toxic elements, that will safely deal with the issue. This almost weightless piece of material is made to „hide” the CO2 that we exhale, making us invisible to the nasty biters for almost 48 hours.

The fund raiser is featured on Indiegogo, and fortunately the first goal of $75,000 has been long reached, but more money is always welcomed. You can chip in with sums starting at $10, for which you will receive packs of Kites accordingly. The money will be used for a field test in Uganda, with the purpose of further optimization and global production of the patch.

Imagine how you usually spend $10, then think about the hundreds of millions of people this project can help.