[adsense300gray]The Chinese have a saying : if you don’t know how to hold a knife, you don’t belong in the kitchen. And since the best cooks are men, hell, a good knife is a must have in every household. I am a knife afficionado myself and the worst thing about knives is that they require constant re-sharpening. That can become annoying, especially if you’re using knives made of high quality stainless steel/carbon steel; these keep an edge for a long time but they’re pretty difficult to sharpen. This type of  steel is very hard on the Rockwell scale and you require advanced gear. God, I hate that.  My problems just disappeared apparently, because now there’s a company called TB Groupe who just launched a line of knives, the revolutionary Evercut line, that will require sharpening once in (hold on) 25 years. Yes, you got that right : once in a lifetime, you’ll have to sharpen your good’ol Chef’s knife. I mean, how cool is that? The secret ingredient is the material used in the blade, a laser bonded titanium carbide alloy, much stronger/harder than regular/ceramic knives. Sounds interesting, don’t you think?